14 July, 2009

5 Great Red Sox Commercials

I have been a Red Sox fan since I was born in 1983, and while most of those teams were great disappointments there were plenty of great media to amuse and entertain. These are 5 great Red Sox commercials I chose.
Funny Boston Red Sox MasterCard Commercial
This is a commercial aired after the Sox won the 2004 World Series. It features a hilarious cameo from Denis Leary, a very vocal Boston sports fan.

Nike Red Sox World Series commercial - 2004
This is a cool commercial. It tracks the entire 86 years the Sox went without a World Series title. I really like this one, but it is more heart-warming than amusing.


This is a funny commercial focused on the Sox/Yankees rivalry that has become sports legend. I don't like the portrayal of the Sox fan much, but it is still pretty funny.

Ortiz Rocks Yankee Hat

This is a hilarious ESPN commercial featuring Jorge Posada, David Ortiz, and Wally the Green Monster.

ESPN Sportscenter Commercial - Roger Clemens Fastball

An old school ESPN commercial featuring the Rocket. This is back when people outside of Texas still liked Roger Clemens.

Leave a comment with your favorite Red Sox commercial of all time to see them with your name in an October Snow on Sports post!!!

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