25 June, 2008

Felix Hernandez goes yard, in a big way...

As a fan of an American League team, I find it extremely interesting when we are involved in inter-league play for the simple reason that I want to see pitchers hit. This disparity between leagues has always bothered me, and the other day I was rewarded with what I believe is a main point for eliminating DH.

Johan Santana is a 2-time Cy Young award winner. He has faced over 5000 poisiton players in his short, storied career. In that time he has only allowed a single grand-slam. He has been called one of the most dominant pitchers of his time.

Felix Hernandez had only been to the plate eight times before facing Santana, and had only managed one hit. He stunned many fans of the game, though, when he stepped into the batters box and eto take the Met's Santana out of the yard, blasting his first career home-run (a grand-slam at that) out of Shea Stadium.

I believe that this is the reason that pitchers should be batting all the time. I apologize to guys like David Ortiz, who could be out of a job if the DH is abolished, but I believe this would make the two leagues more level in terms of production and talent.

And it is just much more exciting to see two pitchers face off in that way, giving pitchers a real chance to help their own cause, as it were.

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