27 April, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

Catching up with the fast
est person in Salem State Track history

"I just tried to run as fast as I could and do what I had to do," said Eddie Bynum III aka Da Flash, after successfully defending his NCAA Division 3 indoor 55m dash title by posting a record time of 6.25 seconds. "It's a great feeling to come out on top again. I know my family and coaches are really proud." Bynum says "it feels good" to be successful so close to home. "Going back to [Lynn English] high school and meeting with some of my old teachers, and them reading about what I have accomplished feels good," he said. "It feels good getting the recognition of those that are in your community." Those close to Bynum have always influenced him, and his athletic family can be credited with his decision to run track. "I started running track in my junior year of high school," Bynum said, "Some of my immediate family members participated in track and were relatively good, so I was curious how good I would be." Good would be an understatement while describing the career Bynum has had at Salem State.

Da Flash is a four-time All-American and two-time National Champion. No other SSC sprinter has even captured one National Championship. In his senior season Bynum came out of the blocks quickly, qualifying for the national championship in the first meet. He would go on to defend his New England, Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC), Massachusetts State College Athletic Conference (MASCAC), and All-Alliance championships this winter, before closing it all out with his second D3 National Title. Bynum has won the NEC and MASCAC titles three times, as well as holding some titles in the indoor 200m race.

SSC sprint coach Jeff Rockwood, who head coach Dennis Floyd credits with bringing Eddie's talents to the highest level, said, "He looked better than he ever has," when referring to Bynum's title defense. "Eddie has established a quiet confidence and gained tremendous respect from his opponents. It's not a surprise he was able to defend all his titles, because he was so focused, relaxed, and driven." This mindset is visible in everything that Bynum does. Outside of track, Da Flash likes to "relax and chill" with his friends and family. He also enjoys playing basketball, video games, and watching Justice League cartoons, where he found his nickname. Even though he is very laid back, Bynum's drive can't be questioned; when you take into account that he has been running with a bone fracture in his lower back all year. He recalls "enduring through pain during races."

Hopefully the pain goes away for Eddie Bynum III aka Da Flash, becuase he plans to keep running after college. He plans to "try to qualify for the Olympic trials" or "run track professionally" at some time. If his focus, drive, and determination remain intact, then Da Flash's success in
sprinting is far from over.

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